Sia Cheap Thrills Piano Cover – Free Piano Sheet Music

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Sia “Cheap Thrills” Piano Cover – Imagine a version of Sia & Sean Paul’s “Cheap Thrills” performed elegantly on the piano, creating smooth flowing waves of sound, intricate yet relaxing. If you play the piano, I hope you would take advantage of the free piano sheet music I am offering. Of course not everyone plays the piano so I am also offering this Sia “Cheap Thrills” Piano Cover absolutely free of charge for you to download on your phone or wherever you listen to music. Click here to download for free

When I decided to do Sia Cheap Thrills Piano cover, I thought I was going to play the piano over a cool island beat (because that is sort of the vibe of the song – Sean Paul’s fault) but after laying down the beat and recording the piano over it, it sounded fun and cool but I felt like it was missing something so I decided to turn of the computer, sit on the piano and just play without being restricted by the constant tempo of a drum beat. Bingo! that’s what the song was missing, Sia “Cheap Thrills” Piano Cover came alive with feeling. Of course I had to play both versions for my wife to find out which version she like better and she picked the piano version. They say wife knows best, right :o) By the way she was also the one behind the camera at 2 am half asleep. I told her “all you have to do is roll the tripod on the track, you don’t even have to look at the camera, everything is already set up”

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