See You Again instrumental Cover – sax, piano, pipa Wiz Khalifa Charlie Puth (Mbandi)

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“See you again” is a fitting soundtrack and tribute to an amazing actor (Paul Walker) and movie franchise (Fast & Furious). I was actually looking forward to the release of “Furious 7” When I heard the sad news. With that in mind, it was only fair that I do this song justice with my instrumental cover. People alway ask me how I select the instruments to add to an arrangement. Well, I play the piano so thats a given. I have fallen in love with the pipa and I thought it would work well here. violin, viola and cello always add rich layers to a song and I have always been a Kenny G fan so I love the soprano saxophone and it really was the a only instrument I thought could replace the smooth voice of Charlie PuthTo be honest, I am not the biggest fan of rap music but Wiz Khalifa did a great job.