Journey faithfully piano cello cover – Mbandi

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Steve perry in my opinion has the best rock voice of all time and with a band like journey behind him no wonder they could write classics like Separate ways, Open Arm, Faithfully, Don’t Stop Believing. They were at their peak at a time when competition was stiff form other great bands and artists like Chicago, Queen, Styx, Aerosmith, Heart, Phil Collins, Guns n Roses and even Michael Jackson. They however managed to hold their grounds and create timeless music that lives on on countless youtube covers as well as the TV show, Glee. Arnel Pineda, the new journey singer is no Steve Perry but he does a great job.
I decided to cover this song with the cello and piano because the cello could really bring the emotion that the song deserves. Jonathan cain’s piano track is a classic and I would dare not change that. I learned it by hear so I hope I came close enough.