Ed Sheeran – Thinking Out Loud instrumental – Swahili vocal, Saxophone, piano, cello viola (Mbandi)

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Ed Sheeran thinking out loud is one of those songs you cant get out of your mind. I figured I would give it a new sound by doing an Africanized version with saxophone, piano, viola and swahili vocals. This cover has a slight smooth jazz sound from the Alto saxophone. Swahili lyrics and conga bring in the African touch and I added the viola for sweetness.
Please checkout my other instrumental covers on my channel. I have covered artists like Rihanna, stay, Bruno Mars, grenade, Michael Jackson, beat it Maroon 5, Taylor Swift Blank Space, John Legend all of me and more
I hear Ed Sheeran tickets are the hot item now so maybe one I will grab one this summer
Piano sheet music coming soon