Bruno Mars Grenade Instrumental Cover – African Style (piano, cello) Mbandi

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I’m a Bruno Mars fan so I had to cover Bruno Mars Grenade and put my own Afro-pop twist to it. What is Afro-pop? This is simply African pop music and it is similar to caribbean reggae. I grew up in W Africa (Cameroon) listening to listening all kinds of music from classical to western and African pop. This song encompasses all these elements of my musical developement. A few other Bruno Mars songs I might cover ” Bruno Mars Treasure”, “Bruno Mars When I was Your Man” and “Bruno Mars locked out of heaven”

The first Bruno Mars song I heard was “Just the way are” and since then I have loved all his music. I tried to buy tickets for the Bruno Mars Moonshine Jungle tour in Washington DC but they were sold out. Hopefully I will get to Bruno mars live in concert in another city.