Adele Send My Love Piano Cover (Free Sheet Music)

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Adele Send my love piano cover, my latest is a continuation of my obsession with Adele’s music. Several months ago I did a cover of Adele’s “Hello” with sax and African vocals. when I decided to do  “Send my love”, it was going to be a solo piano piece. After recording it about a month ago, it was nice but it did not move me emotionally. I believe a song should either move you emotionally or get you to snap your fingers to a beat. This did not not do either. I sat on the song for a while and eventually decided to to come back to it. I added a beat picked up the bass guitar and it was starting to sound like something worthy of release, so here we are.

For all you piano students out there, playing this song should be fun and fairly simple. I have provided free piano sheet music to help you learn my version of Adele’s “Send my lover” piano cover. If you don’t play piano and just want to enjoy listening, you can also download the song free of charge.

Adele’s “Send my lover” piano cover is my 22nd video (I think) released on my Youtube Channel. I really want to release more originals; however, I think the originals deserve a better video. For that, I need professional film directors and for that I need money which leads me to my next plea. I would really appreciate it if you made a small donation pledge by clicking here. This will help me immensely in producing better music and videos and also offering them free of charge. I came from Cameroon 22 years ago with a dream of touching people with music so please help make that dream come true

Well, thank you so much for supporting my work and I will see you all in the next video